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The Maunga & Trees

Rimu Heights is located on the bush line of Maungatautari, also known as Sanctuary Mountain. Maungatautari Sanctuary Mountain is a world class conservation project which re-introduces species and establishes breeding programmes for these species. The Maunga has an ideal ecological environment for this project and has proven so, with success in breeding programmes and re-introduction. Sanctuary Mountain is one of the largest pest-proof fenced projects in the world, at 3,400 hectares and with 47km of fence. This fence borders Rimu Heights. 

Rimu Heights is already reaping the benefits of this project, with plenty of active native birdlife and species overflowing to the land here. This is their home and we are blessed to share it with them.

Projects are being undertaken at Rimu Heights to help establish biodiversity linkages, such as 'stepping stone' patches or 'pathways' to other native habitats. Our location means we are the first link in the path to encourage an overflow of species from the Maunga toward the Waikato River and beyond. 

In autumn of 2021, a project on Rimu Heights saw the planting of 6,000 native trees through riparian areas.

This project was significant as the planting covered all areas at the head of all water systems/springs. Come autumn 2022, another major tree planting project has taken place, with over 11,000 native trees planted -  completing the planting of waterways. 

As a continuation of these projects, Rimu Heights will plant a tree for every booking at Tawa Tent. 

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