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Off the Grid

Tawa Tent is an off the grid eco living experience. The off grid nature of the site means that there is no dependency on public utilities i.e. electricity. A key reason for the off grid nature of Tawa Tent was to create a site that would function in cohesion with the environment it is in, rather than against it. We want Tawa Tent to exist in unison with the eco systems and beings surrounding it and for the addition of the site to cause minimal to no change or harm to the environment.


Hot Water

Our hot water system is more or less the same as those you find in standard homes. However, instead of using electricity, a battery unit is used to spark the gas and heat the water. The battery is recharged by the circulation of the hot water.



All compostable waste collected from Tawa Tent is taken to a secondary compost site. Food waste and toilet waste are composted in separate bins, but go through the same process. As compostable waste is added to the bins, bulking matter (sawdust, grass clippings, fallen leaves) are added to the bins every so often. Once the bin is full, it is left for six months to a year to compost. When the pile is half it's original size, the nutrient rich compost can be used. Food compost is used in vegetable beds and toilet compost is used around trees and garden beds.


Minimal waste

We are proud to have minimal waste from Tawa Tent. There are bins for waste separation within the tent - the only waste we have is what is put into the rubbish bin. All other waste is disposed of in conscious ways (recycling & compost).



Tent life is simple, We have supplied you with everything you need - no more, no less.

Being off the grid is a journey. We do not claim to be perfect at it, as there are always practices that can be improved. The off the grid eco journey has been rewarding and is somewhat compelling. We intend to keep seeking ways in which we can better our routine and methods, and continue to make conscious choices

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